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Most disposable chopsticks have poisonous

2012-03-12        admin

Last night, the central television station 3 · 15 party of disposable chopsticks production process of exposure. The central television reporter survey found that some chopsticks factory of hunan province huaihua disposable chopsticks with industrial sulfur is actually, paraffin wax industrial raw materials such as processing and into, and without any disinfects processing. Some chopsticks after packaging is wholesale to all over the country and finally into small and medium-sized restaurant.

The chopsticks residual sulfur dioxide

Survey site

Hunan province HuiTongXian huaihua shaw home a chopsticks factory

In HuiTongXian shaw home a chopsticks factory, we experience the whole production process of disposable chopsticks.

The workers will bamboo aligned to the section first, reoccupy machine into blank, and then in a barn drying.

After drying the chopsticks semifinished product, is a layer of plastic up tired, the bottom is often appears the white smoke, which smells mephitic. The factory workers told us that they are using chopsticks to let chopsticks sulfur smoked more white, and prevent it from mold. Reporter discovery, they use sulphur is industry of sulfur, of chemical raw materials, in the process of sulfur dioxide produces fumigation residues, and they smoked chopsticks process to have two days.

Smoked a sulfur, then through cutting system of blank for, the chopsticks were formed. In order to make the chopsticks feel more smooth, still have to polish. The reporter sees in polishing machine is not only chopsticks, and blocks of white stuff. Workers told us that this is paraffin wax. Paraffin wax, contain pahs, is in the process of oil refining the low end of the product. And so, with paraffin wax polish, then through simple packaging, the chopsticks are put into one by one into the bag of the chemical fertilizer waiting for the factory. In the whole production process, the reporter didn't meet the manufacturers chopsticks pass through any disinfects processing.

Then how about other factories manufacture? In the biggest local chopsticks factory built chopsticks factory reporter found chang, in the process of production, except with sulfur fumigation and paraffin wax polish besides, in order to make the chopsticks more white, they still need to use chopsticks sodium metabisulphite blank for cooking. Sodium metabisulphite, chemical name: partial two sodium sulfite deoxidization, bleach.

Workers with his feet under the chopsticks on

Survey site

YiFengXian twin peaks of jiangxi province town a chopsticks factory

YiFengXian jiangxi province, known as NanZhu village, here is also the main producing area of disposable chopsticks, the annual output of more than 1 billion pairs. In the petronas twin town a chopsticks factory we see, just had smoked sulfur chopsticks, were piled up in drying on fire resistance, at this moment, the reporter sees in the workers on the chopsticks. Like this with chopsticks feet intimate contact, in many of the YiFengXian chopsticks factory is everywhere and therefore, in some manufacturer saw on the chopsticks step, it is not surprising.

In the investigation process, the reporter also found a strange phenomenon, some have gone mouldy black chopsticks and not be thrown away, but will be further processing. In huaihua west blunt village, the reporter saw the black disposable chopsticks chopsticks cooked white scene. The boss told us, they use the hydrogen peroxide bleaching Jackie is, a pot to pour forty pounds.

Industrial hydrogen peroxide, chemical name of hydrogen peroxide, have very strong corrosive and blanch action. After industrial hydrogen peroxide boiled black chopsticks and turn white, in order to make the hydrogen peroxide play a greater efficacy, some people cook chopsticks will add another chemical raw materials--no water focal sodium.

There is no water industry focal sodium, containing a certain amount of heavy metal, have blanch action.

The reporter understands, with industrial hydrogen peroxide solution will be gone mouldy chopsticks boiled white to sell, has become the industry within an open secret. After these chemical raw materials processing, will produce a variety of disposable chopsticks chemical residue, long-term intake of these chemical residue will cause harm to human body health, but reporters in huaihua, jiangxi YiFeng visited greatly small 30 different chopsticks factory, where no one to undertake alexipharmic handling chopsticks.


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