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disposable chopsticks containing chemical substances

2012-03-12        admin

The shelf life of disposable chopsticks, as early as in 2006, the state quality inspection administration promulgated "in food packaging container tools, the detailed rules for implementation in specific provision, the chopsticks on the packing bag of should be clearly labeled" the disposable tableware sterilization most 4 months, more than the quality guarantee period shall no more selling or use ". In addition, manufacturers also shall provide to the businessman of disposable chopsticks, passed the examination report, food regulator once found that expired products, will make corresponding punishment. However, the reporter survey found, no matter be of disposable chopsticks wholesalers or the purchase, most people haven't seen the qualified report, few check these chopsticks is late.

The international food packaging association secretary-general dong golden lion tells a reporter, the reason of disposable chopsticks always put expiration, because the wood or making chopsticks bamboo contains certain moisture, over time, easy to mold. In summer monsoon season or south of the relatively damp environment, of disposable chopsticks are more likely to become mildewed, light appear smell, heavy then can produce the carcinogenic substance. The moldy chopsticks contains all the mold, the worst is to develop into a "aflatoxin". The Chinese academy of medical sciences tumor hospital cancer of director of division of XuZhiJian said, mold is one of the factors that increase the risk of cancer, and in damp environment reproduce, and aflatoxin is widely recognized can cause liver cancer, if consumers use many times the mildew chopsticks, does exist certain danger.

In addition to become mildewed, there are a variety of disposable chopsticks health risk factors. The haidian district of Beijing health bureau health supervision and original captain of the TanLiang told reporters that they in the past the examination, have found that some manufacturers use inferior timber production of disposable chopsticks, then use sulphur fumigation industrial hydrogen peroxide bleaching and methods to chopsticks "white", again with paraffin wax polish let chopsticks more smooth feel. Such "processing" chopsticks, there are many chemical residue. Hubei province, director of the department of medicine hospital FengHan pigeons points out, with sulfur have any chopsticks, encounter heat would release sulfur dioxide, it will have its human respiratory mucous membrane, destroy the respiratory system. The capital university of medical sciences, Beijing Chinese medicine hospital affiliated digestion) circular signal supplement, director of the center, said born, hydrogen peroxide solution has strong corrosive, remain in chopsticks, to people oral, esophagus, stomach damage. In addition, once of disposable chopsticks in production, transportation and storage process to make the health conditions, can cause staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, resistance of people use weak after may cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Many people think, disposable chopsticks repeated use more than the tableware of health, but this mistake. Dong golden lion said, ordinary chopsticks wash after alexipharmic ark disinfection, can guarantee health safety. Instead seemingly "clean" the disposable chopsticks is not so good tell the difference between the quality. The following a few action can to a certain extent help you depart have problems and overdue of disposable chopsticks.

1. See the outer package of chopsticks whether there is the manufacturer's name, trademark, and contact way, had better have the production date and the guarantee.

2. Disposable chopstick to choose yellow-green, black, yellow not quite normal. Good disposable wooden chopsticks also bring some light yellow, white may after industrial hydrogen peroxide bleaching soaking, or through sulfur dioxide smoked processing.

3. Chopsticks damp might take place after the bending deformation, appear even the bamboo or wood instinctive quality spots, such as small spots, that could mean gone mouldy, must not continue to use.

4. If chopsticks with sulfur smoked, there will be a touch of acidity, also had better not use.

At the restaurant, can of disposable chopsticks to do a "disinfects processing", such as using cold water surface cleaning chopsticks, reduce the possible existence of sulfur dioxide residues; With boiled water ironed, kill chopsticks surface of bacteria and moulds. But note that don't will chopsticks long time soak in a hot soup or porridge in hot, otherwise, it will speed up the surface of the sulfur dioxide decomposition. Dong golden lion finally remind, not only of disposable chopsticks problems existing mildewy, the home of chopsticks contains moisture many are also prone to mildew and bacteria, had better put them in dry and ventilated environment, the use of the half a year later change in time.


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