Bamboo skewers,bamboo picks,disposable chopsticks,Japanese Chopsticks,Chinese Chopsticks

Bamboo skewers,bamboo picks,disposable chopsticks,Japanese Chopsticks,Chinese Chopsticks
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Bamboo appreciation for people

2012-03-12        admin

Eisho company's main products to food processing plant. All kinds of Bamboo skewers, iron cannon string, bamboo steamer, fruit fork, the Bamboo skewers, wood products. According to the requirements specification can be made of bamboo sticks, iron and steam iron gun strings and gun string burger word gourd, business. Jinjiang company has nearly sets processing equipment, distribution in jiangxi and shandong. Bamboo can be used to make all kinds of bamboo, bamboo brings to our life a lot of convenience. Not only such, bamboo and watch the role. To introduce below the look of a bamboo.

(1) considerable stem, and points view stem form, such as harvesting, Buddha belly bamboo, LuoHanZhu, etc.; View color, such as spot bamboo culm zizhu, gold, green bamboo between etc.
(2) considerable leaves, such as green leaves with white stripes of BaiZhu Philip; New leaves yellow with green stripes of the Philippines HuangZhu, etc.
(3) considerable Tuo, such as bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo ma3 jia3 large mom bamboo, bamboo Tuo, flowers, the bamboo sea chicken chicken of bamboo, bamboo sea Tuo, or strange shapes, or colour, decorative pattern is colorful, all appropriate to watch.

Our company in this bamboo production of Bamboo skewers out not only of good quality and bamboo sticks and good-looking, we warmly welcome friends from home and abroad and the factory contact, enhancing understanding, the consultation trade, exchange technology, to help both sides in the friendly cooperation, welcome to choose and buy our company Bamboo skewers.


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