It’s always a good idea to have criteria that you can use as a guide in determining which chopstick is a better choice. When it comes to choosing chopsticks, there are not much to think about. But to ensure that you get the best one for yourself, try to look out for these following factors before you make a purchase:


proper chopsticksSleeve custom printed chopsticks

Chopsticks can be made out of all sorts of materials including wood, plastic, steel, bone, and ivory. Perhaps the most common type you will find on the market today are the wooden and steel ones.

Do not get fooled into thinking that the material chopsticks are made with are purely for aesthetics. The material can actually significantly affect how you use your chopsticks.

Wooden chopsticks for one, tend to be easier to use since they are very easy to grip because of their non-slippery finish. This material is the easiest to use when picking up slippery pieces of food like noodles. However, some wooden chopsticks can be porous and quite difficult to clean.

Metal chopsticks, on the other hand, are truly more durable and easier to clean. But they are not the best choice for beginners since they can be a bit slippery. Eating foods that tend to be slippery such as those soaked in soups and noodles can be more challenging.

As for plastic chopsticks, you will find that they are the lightest to use. They are also very easy to clean just like one that is made out of metal. Perhaps the only downside to plastic chopsticks is that they are not ideal for cooking since they can warp when exposed to extreme heat.


The next thing you have to consider when buying chopsticks is the shape. Today, you will be able to find chopsticks with tapered or blunted tips and square or rounded bodies.

If you plan on using chopsticks to pick out the smallest pieces of food, you will do best with one that comes with tapered tips. However, if you plan to use your chopsticks for picking up meat and vegetables, the best choice would be ones that come with a blunted tip for more stability.

As for the body shape, one thing that you have to keep in mind is the squarer the chopstick is, the easier you will be able to grip it. If you are new to using chopsticks, I suggest getting square ones since rounded ones tend to slip off the fingers easily when used.

3.Training Chopsticks

If you haven’t used chopsticks before, or if you are trying to teach a child to use chopsticks, perhaps the best choice for you are ones that come like a pair of tweezers.

Training chopsticks make it almost impossible for you to drop the food you are picking up. They often come as a single piece that has one closed end.


Some chopsticks you will find on the market today will come with extra stuff such as a case, a holder, or a base. If you plan on using your chopsticks outdoors, I suggest you get one that comes with a fine case to keep your chopsticks safe and clean when you store it in your bag.

You may also want to get chopsticks that come with a base if you plan on using your chopsticks in your home or if you plan to give it as a gift. The base helps keep the chopsticks tips clean when you decide to put your chopsticks down for a while during eating.