Amy is one of the most respected Account Managers at EISHO. With more than 20 years of experience with bamboo and wooden products, she is intimately familiar with the purchasing habits of each country. Amy has been with EISHO since the beginning and provides a level of expert insight and understanding about the business and the industry few can rival. No matter what your questions or concerns may be, Amy is always standing by to bring about a swift, effective, and timely solution to any issue you may have.

 Jemie is another star from EISHO’s Sales Department – 01.  Jemie is always positive, responsible, hard-working and careful in her work. She always goes above and beyond to ensure her customers always remain happy, and her target is to expand business into more and more global markets. Don’t hesitate to contact Jemie, she’ll do whatever she can to ensure your experience is as professional and pleasant as possible.



Our QC department is responsible for the quality of products and they are familiar with the quality standard of each item, since different products have different speciality , we need to use flexible methods to control the quality when making production.Their work runs through every production process to ensure only qualified products are delivered to our clients.

As an important and special position of our team, our documents department is responsible for the documents and shipping. Communicate and work closely with the oversea consigner to formulate a packing and shipping solution for each project to ensure a smooth shipping and an efficient clearance. They are responsible for booking cargo space, customs declaration and prepare & make the documents like commercial invoice, packing list for customers to ensure all the documents are correct and help the clients to clear the custom smoothly . They always service clients and sales carefully and patiently.



Nicole Wu is also a member of EISHO’s dynamic sales team. Nicole has devoted her career to selling bamboo and wooden products. She is bright, hardworking, and naturally intuitive in sales. No matter what problems arise during purchase, Nicole is a superstar when it comes to providing first-class service, finding solutions to unique issue, and providing the most-comprehensive and patient customer service possible. You won’t be disappointed when you work with Nicole.

Randy is sourcing specialist.He charges in sourcing and review of suppliers,procurement management,assisting manager to complete purchasing procedure and develop suitable products.