1.Panda Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks

This is a great set of disposable chopsticks with paper sleeves that have been pre-designed for a Chinese restaurant so that you do not have to give in the extra time and effort to design the sleeves if you are the owner of a Chinese restaurant. The front side of the sleeves has Chinese characters that represent good luck and fortune, whereas the back side has easy instructions on how to use the chopsticks properly.

2.Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks

disposable bamboo chopsticks

Until now we have been looking into reusable chopsticks that can be washed and reused. But they can be quite inconvenient in different kind of situations for example, at a restaurant or a chain shop that serves Asian food. If you work at a restaurant, you will be able to relate to the back-breaking work that goes into cleaning up after the customers leave, or the time needed to wash and dry cutleries.

3.Fiberglass Dishwasher-safe Chopsticks

Melamine ChopsticksAlloy ChopsticksReusable Melamine Chopsticks

What sets this set of five pairs of chopsticks is the material it is made up of, which is Fiberglass. Fiberglass has many advantages over wooden and stainless steel and you will know why as you read on. Due to the material, it is made up of, these chopsticks can withstand temperatures that go as high as 356 F (180 degree Celsius) and so can be washed safely in a dishwasher saving you from the trouble of having to wash them manually.

Fiberglass is lightweight yet more durable than metal or wood and makes a great raw material for chopsticks.