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The 3 Best Bamboo Chopsticks in 2019

1.Panda Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks This is a great set of disposable chopsticks with paper sleeves that have been pre-designed for a Chinese restaurant so that you do not have to give in the extra time and effort to design the sleeves if you are the owner of a Chinese restaurant. The front side of the sleeves [...]

The 3 Best Bamboo Chopsticks in 20192019-04-17T15:43:51+08:00

What chopsticks should I use for a meal?

Bamboo chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks. What chopsticks should I use for a meal? I believe aunts and uncles have used many kinds of chopsticks. Life is becoming more and more sophisticated. So are chopsticks also exquisite? Xiao bian collects many kinds of chopsticks you have used or not used. The recommended use [...]

What chopsticks should I use for a meal?2019-02-21T09:14:16+08:00

Hello Bamboo Cutlery, Adios Plastic Tableware

Our mission is to start a Cutlery revolution and the star of the show is the all new bamboo cutlery. Even though bamboo cutleries deserve a place at every chef's top drawer, they are not appreciated enough. Our aim is to bring the new eco-friendly product to everyone's table. The design, durability and the [...]

Hello Bamboo Cutlery, Adios Plastic Tableware2017-10-23T17:06:23+08:00

Economic and Affordable Wholesale Disposable Chopsticks

Using disposable chopsticks is an environment-friendly as well as the cost-saving measure for restaurants and foodservice stations. They cut costs and also add a lot of convenience to your food service activities. These versatile sticks are indispensable for Asian, Chinese or Japanese restaurants. They are ideal for use in parties, picnics, and barbeques. Premium [...]

Economic and Affordable Wholesale Disposable Chopsticks2017-10-23T17:08:38+08:00

The Origin and Beauty of Bamboo Chopsticks

Generally, the bamboo chopstick is a very old utensil, especially in the Eastern Asia region. It lasts for over 6000 years and has spread through different cultures over time. It was commonly used for cooking majorly rather than eating, but with time people started incorporating it as a means of taking food from a dish. Chopsticks [...]

The Origin and Beauty of Bamboo Chopsticks2017-05-16T17:31:30+08:00

Differences Among Bamboo Chopsticks and Wood Chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks design is an art particularly in China and Japan, it has a very long history and culture. In Japan and China there are many shops in selling chopsticks with tons of different designs, patterns and material. They will teach you on the important facts about selecting a good pair of chopsticks, like [...]

Differences Among Bamboo Chopsticks and Wood Chopsticks2017-05-02T17:27:03+08:00

The history of chopsticks

Round 500 A.D. the use of bamboo chopsticks spread from China to the areas now known as Japan, Vietnam and Korea. Interestingly enough, at first in Japan, chopsticks were only used during religious ceremonies. They were connected to each other, and the implement resembled tongs. It is believed that chopsticks have been around for about [...]

The history of chopsticks2018-01-05T16:47:30+08:00

what are bamboo skewers

Though some sellers of bamboo products claim the bamboo skewers originated in Japan, this simple cooking tool probably developed independently in many locations where bamboo grows. Bamboo splits easily, but shows greater resistance to bending. Thin shafts of split bamboo find many uses today including darts, chopsticks, toothpicks and cooking skewers. Bamboo skewers replace steel [...]

what are bamboo skewers2016-11-18T16:04:44+08:00

Dont share chopsticks if you can avoid it

How many of you get a bit queasy in a Chinese restaurant when you watch everyone dipping and re-dipping into the shared dishes with their own chopsticks? Well, you’re not being a hypochondriac or showing Western cultural insensitivity — there is indeed a major transfer of viruses and bacteria from all that back-and-forth in the [...]

Dont share chopsticks if you can avoid it2016-11-18T16:04:44+08:00