Whether it is your unique design concept, or you are selling products that need to be increased in production, such as regular-sized carbonized chopsticks, ordinary bamboo sticks, etc., our customized services will ensure that the final solution will have the greatest impact on your brand.
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EISHO’S personalized service focuses on producing unique, tailor-made Chopstciks and Stick solutions to enhance
your business and brand to ensure that yaour brand philosophy resonates with consumers every time.
Our team works closely with you to create perfect solutions using environmentally friendly materials and production experience.We can
now make chopsticks or bamboo sticks of any size and shape according to your specifications, half-sealed, full-sealed, opp-packed, naked.
Are you looking for a suitable Chinese supplier, a high-quality supplier who can solve your product quality problems and ensure your
production capacity?Or finding a supplier who can include product quality, packaging design and rich production experience? Please read
the following to find out what our services are.


Beyond our existing standard stock chopsticks, we can create chopsticks to any size you may require. This includes external size and shape as well as unusual, available in Long or short with Acceptable starting quantityto ensure you can maximum return for any scale of your business.


We love our earth and are committed to protecting our environment. We have three bamboo production bases, and these sustainable and renewable bamboo forests also provide great support for our chopsticks cause. For your product design, our experienced experts will soon be able to find the corresponding materials.

Custom packaging solution.

We regularly produce customized packaging solutions for chopsticks and chopsticks.
Just like our customized chopsticks, the packaging can be based on the elements of your brand, consumers’ favorite colors, overall style and so on.
A unique packaging design and experienced supplier can provide strong support for your brand business development.

Factory Price With With High Quality Bamboo Chopsitcks.