Economic and Affordable Wholesale Disposable Chopsticks

Using disposable chopsticks is an environment-friendly as well as the cost-saving measure for restaurants and foodservice stations. They cut costs and also add a lot of convenience to your food service activities. These versatile sticks are indispensable for Asian, Chinese or Japanese restaurants. They are ideal for use in parties, picnics, and barbeques.

Premium Quality and Low Price

Disposable models of Chinese chopsticks include those made of bamboo and wood. Most restaurants prefer bamboo chopsticks over the wooden variety due to their durability and strength. Varying in length from 8 to 10 inches, popular models of Chinese style bamboo disposable chopsticks come individually wrapped in a red paper sleeve, the white paper sleeve as well as convenient cartons. The back of the sleeves carries an easy to follow, a quick guide on how to hold/use chopsticks for beginners. Some chopsticks printed with yellow Chinese characters symbolize good luck, long life, good health, and well-being.

Benefits of Disposable Bamboo Restaurant Chop Sticks

Bamboo chopsticks are strong and lighter than other models. They provided good grip and added holding comfort with their lusterless surfaces. Quality models are made from 100% high-quality natural bamboo, have a smooth surface and are easy to use. Since disposable chopsticks are made of decomposable products, they can be easily disposed of after they are used. You don’t need to worry about anything like putting them in the dishwasher or waste time washing them. These are not only eco-friendly, odorless and taste-free but are free from toxins and pesticides too.

Compared to other models, disposable bamboo chopsticks are economical and convenient to all restaurants. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced, these chopsticks find use with all meals in Chinese restaurants. If you need to buy the product at a low and affordable price, it is advisable to approach a reputable online restaurant supply store.

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