Hello Bamboo Cutlery, Adios Plastic Tableware

Our mission is to start a Cutlery revolution and the star of the show is the all new bamboo cutlery. Even though bamboo cutleries deserve a place at every chef’s top drawer, they are not appreciated enough. Our aim is to bring the new eco-friendly product to everyone’s table. The design, durability and the style of the bamboo cutlery will make your guests fall in love with your tableware. Charming bamboo forks, bamboo spoons, knives and plates will make you the best host ever! And be ready to hear a lot of appreciation because of your beautiful collection.

This new upscale utensil option is bringing a new wave of change for the modern kitchen. The best part is, bamboo cutlery is eco-friendly and 100% natural. These durable and renewable cutleries produce lightweight as well as strong products. You can toss your bamboo spoons, bamboo plates and all other cutlery into the dishwasher or wash them in soap water. They are easy to handle and highly dependable.

Up until fairly recently, plastic cutlery has been leading the Cutlery industry. The next best solution is our biodegradable and consumer friendly bamboo cutlery.


Bamboo cutlery is our small step forward into the durable utensil industry which is proving to be a decent alternative to plastic. This is one of those ideas that might help the environment as well as quiet possibly increase the standard of our Cutlery industry.

Simple, useful, affordable and sustainable bamboo cutlery will help you make your table look beautiful and make your food taste – tastier. This new line of products, we want to high the bar for serving food. We have started to feel that Bamboo is not a type of plant, it is a ‘way of life’. We are constantly trying to produce new, unique and innovative product designs and we are sure of creating and maintaining a leadership in this new and exciting category of Bamboo Cutlery.

“Cook exotic dishes and serve them with an even more exotic dishware – the new, stylish and durable bamboo cutlery.”

Factory Price With With High Quality Bamboo Chopsitcks.