Wood chopsticks are sticks which are used for eating food instead of spoons. It is used for eating rice, noodles and meat.The Japanese Chopsticks have personalized wood chopsticks for each members of the family. While the restaurants use disposable chopsticks.

Chopsticks are usually made out of wood like bamboo. Some of the chopsticks are made plastic while some exotic ones made of ivory.It ranges from the 9-10 inches. Chopsticks tapers and the food is eaten with the tapered end.The chopsticks come in various designs. Some are painted artistically and some are carved. It can range from ivory chopsticks,jade chopsticks to bamboo ones. Some of them are made of steel or brass as well.

First the wood is cured. The chopstick maker then makes the wood into 10 inches rectangular blocks. The maker then shapes this rectangular piece of wood.The maker shapes one end of the chopstick into a narrow, round tapering end. Most of the time the other end of the chopstick stays in rectangular shape, unless it is custom made.

After shaping the chopstick, it is then sanded. This is done in order to prevent the splinters entering your mouth or you getting hurt.Regular sand papers are used for this purpose and it is smoothened.

Next step is the finishing. The sanded chopsticks are coated with oil or paint. This can be done with a machine.

Once you are ready to use these chopsticks, watch out for few things.

1) Never poke your food with chopsticks. It is considered bad manners to poke the food.

2) Banging your bowl or the plate is a definite no-no.

3) Do not leave the chopstick vertical in your bowl.