How to Choose and Wash Bamboo Chopsticks

Most customers have already known the disadvantages of disposal chopsticks. However, the reusable chopsticks in families and restaurants also have potential safety hazards, which were often ignored by people.

As we all know, there are different kinds of chopsticks sold in the market, for example, bamboo chopsticks, wood chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks and so on. Then, how to choose the proper chopsticks may come to customers’ mind. Some experts advise that, considered from safety, saving and health, bamboo chopsticks is the best choice because bamboo chopsticks are of natural material and not easy to be out of shape. Besides, the growth cycle of bamboo is shorter than other trees, that is to say, bamboo chopsticks are much more environmental.

As bamboo chopsticks have different colors, how to choose the best one? Experts advice choose the natural color one, which will not lead to harmful material residues because of dyeing, and once the applied paint or pigment falling off in use process, it is unhealthy when eating.

However, choosing the proper bamboo chopsticks is not the end of safely using chopsticks, the way to wash chopsticks and the using cycle are also the important elements which effect health.

The correct washing method is, firstly, soaking the bamboo chopsticks with the washing-up liquid, secondly, washing under flowing water and thirdly disinfecting them in the disinfection cabinet.

Besides, most families do not change their chopsticks until they are broken. However, it is better to change bamboo chopsticks every six months for the reason that it would be easy to remain bacterias and cleaner.

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