How to Store Chopsticks

If you’re like me, you have lots of random chopsticks loose inside a utensil drawer. Some have mates and likely some don’t, I can’t really tell. I have my favorites, but locating both sticks isn’t always easy. So let’s get a handle on storing chopsticks.

There are two purposes for storing chopsticks. One is in our kitchens to keep them together, easy to grab, and protect them from the other mean stuff in a drawer. The other is on the go, taking your chopsticks out for use at lunch or a restaurant.

Storing Chopsticks In the Kitchen:
Countertop Containers

In Asia, the most common way to store chopsticks is vertical in a container such as a large cup or bin. They are placed in the center of the table, on the kitchen counter, or attached to a post or wall. This is convenient when all the pairs are identical so that any two sticks make a matching pair. Good containers are mason jars, large, heavy coffee mugs, utensil holders, etc. We sell a nice bamboo chopsticks holder for table and counter use.

Drawer Bins

Another option is a dedicated horizontal bin in a kitchen drawer. It is good to keep other utensils, especially sharp metal utensils, out of this bin as they might scratch or damage the finish of your beautiful chopsticks. Any bin will do, and there are lots of excellent drawer storage bin options out there.

Storing Chopsticks for On the Go:
Chopstick Boxes

Chopstick boxes are rigid boxes generally large enough for only one pair of chopsticks. They are good at protecting your chopsticks from impacts or being bent but the chopsticks will rattle around inside the box. Boxes can be ornate and are terrific as a nice, beautiful way to present chopsticks and keep them clean and sanitary.

Chopstick Sleeves and Pouches

If a rigid box is too cumbersome, a fabric or webbing sleeve or pouch might be a better fit. They will protect the outer finish of your chopsticks and keep them clean, but are not as good in protecting your chopsticks from being crushed or bent.

We have a large selection of chopstick boxes and chopstick sleeves.

Fabric Wraps

This is one of my favorite ways of transporting chopsticks for taking to lunch or dinner, because it not only is great for protecting my chopsticks but I also have a nice fabric napkin, saving using throw away paper napkins. Check out our article on how to wrap a pair of chopsticks. It is quick and easy, and is how we frequently wrap our chopsticks for shipping as well.

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