Bamboo chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks. What chopsticks should I use for a meal?

I believe aunts and uncles have used many kinds of chopsticks. Life is becoming more and more sophisticated. So are chopsticks also exquisite? Xiao bian collects many kinds of chopsticks you have used or not used. The recommended use index and suggestions are given. In fact, each material has its special effect.

Just use the right occasion ~ ~bamboo chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are natural materials Harmless and harmless And environmental protection The most recommended chopsticks.

Shopping Tips: When Chopsticks and Bamboo are Chopsticks. It’s best to choose the true color. Best coated with a qualified raw paint. Raw paint is waterproof and shiny. This ensures the service life of chopsticks. Cracking reduction Preventing the hiding of dirt and dirt Suggestions on the Use of Plastic Chopsticks: Material Made of Melamine Texture is crisp. Hardness is not ideal Easily deformed after heating Plastic chopsticks manufactured by regular manufacturers do little harm to health. But unqualified products can easily produce harmful substances in heating. Use plastic chopsticks to prevent high temperature Suggestions on the Use of Painted Chopsticks: Painted Chopsticks are not recommended Heavy metal lead and organic solvent benzene in coatings are carcinogenic. With wear and tear in use. Once the paint on chopsticks falls off Most of them enter the body with food.  Endangering human health Stainless steel chopsticks Metal stainless steel chopsticks are popular with many people. Hand feeling The content of chromium in stainless steel chopsticks is over 13%.The content of nickel is about 10%.The reason for stainless is that there is a strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) on its surface. Prevent oxidation Suggestions for Use: Avoid contact with acid, alkali and salt as far as possible In case the surface oxide film is destroyed  Heavy metals such as chromium and nickel are eaten into the body Metal chopsticks are not suitable for old people and children. And it’s easy to conduct heat when it’s hot. Causing burns to the lips. See the label clearly when choosing to buy304 stainless steel belongs to food grade The anticorrosive effect is ideal. Learn to Use Chopsticks and Ask Family Not to Mix Chopsticks Mixed use is liable to cause cross-infection of diseases Research shows Nearly half of Helicobacter pylori carriers Family transmission Chopsticks are one of the most important means of communication. Therefore Chopsticks at home should be specially designed Wash chopsticks thoroughly Whether to rub the whole chopsticks under the tap when washing chopsticks Put it in the chopstick cartridge? This method of washing chopsticks breeds bacteria easily. Correct washing method: scrub chopsticks carefully with detergent. After draining water.

Put in the chopstick cartridge again Chopstick cartridges should be hollowed out without water accumulation at the bottom Frequent cleaning and disinfection of chopstick cages Chopsticks should be replaced frequently. Is it right to use a pair of chopsticks for two or three years? Once chopsticks have been used for a long time The surface is no longer smooth. And regular scrubbing also makes chopsticks rough. There are many small grooves. Residual bacteria therefore It is recommended that chopsticks be replaced every six months or once a year.