Why chopsticks are so popular in Asia?

The first chopsticks, it was believed invented about 5,000 years ago in China, where they were used as a tool for cooking and serving the food. Currently, China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam are the world’s biggest users of chopsticks.

Why chopsticks are so popular in Asia? The reason is the tradition of cooking and serving food in small cuts that can be effortlessly handled with chopsticks. They are the perfect eating utensil for many Asian inspired foods but can also be used for eating noodle-based dishes, rice, and salad.

Some sources claim that using chopsticks can change your eating habits and avoid overeating, which is the main cause of gaining excessive weight.

Some people prefer using chopsticks over conventional tableware, because chopsticks allow you to pick up food precisely, keeping it intact, while using a fork can destroy a piece of food or leave holes, causing loss of precious juices.

Being made from a highly renewable resource, bamboo chopsticks are an eco-friendly alternative to wood because bamboo grows and spreads quickly. Bamboo chopsticks come in reusable or disposable models. Both types are light and comfortable to hold. They are convenient to carry on a camping trip, at a restaurant, at your workplace, and also great for everyday use if the dish you are serving is appropriate for them.

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