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  • Client tells the product requirement, we give a prompt reply
  • Designer design product and then client confirm the design
  • Send free sample
  • Confirm sample
  • Production
  • QC quality inspection
  • Shipment
  • Improve our service in accordance with customer feedback

Our partners

I think your service and prices are OUTSTANDING! Thanks for the care you have for your present customers. I have seen so many companies neglect their present customers, whilst ignoring the ones they have.
I think Eisho has done an excellent job to keep customers happy and maintain the impressive ability of excellence to its customers. I have had several orders to other companies with up to change providers; however, Eisho has offered me the necessary support to retain me as a customer. I am a very happy customer since I changed to Eisho, as customers, I have no qualms about the provided services and completely satisfied with the services provided at this time.
In this busy world, we rarely take the time to write a complimentary note to companies that provide excellent service. We wanted to take a moment to do that. We’ve been SO impressed with Eisho’s prices — just entered into our 3rd contract. The Invoice is always correct & easily be informed with delivery info. When other suppliers have attempted to get us to switch over to another company, we rave about how Eisho truly stands out in that vast field.
Just had a great experience work with them. Thanks for making my order that much easier!! I send my e-mails to two other companies with NO answer (how is that even possible??) I told him he won because he answered. Great service. Can’t wait to do business with you! P.S. LOVE the renewable option.
I made a call about my concerns with price of items I ordered. As a newly customer, I had not yet established confidence with your company. Your customer service representative, was a perfect example of what a front-line employee should do when providing service to a customer. He was patient, calm, reassuring, and his voice indicated a true concern for my issues. Additionally, he took the time to educate me about the reason. With this one call, he served as a true ambassador for your company.
These are high quality bamboo chopsticks with smooth surface, we have cooperated for so many years, I am quite satisfied with the good quality.

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